PROJECT: · Select a new project ANY EXCEPT: Your project



· Select a new project ANY 


Your project topic can be anything EXCEPT:

  • Weddings (ceremonies, decorations, etc.)
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Construction or renovations of any type
  • Baby showers
  • Moving to Canada (Services for International      Students)
  • Charity Events for any charity type
  • Retirements of any type
  • Opening of restaurants of any type
  • Pet care topics of any type
  • Gardening topics of any type
  • Covid-19 topics of any type 
  • Website development and .com development of any type
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Developing training courses for for any type of      business
  • Expansion of existing facilities
  • Automatic Emergency Assistance Systems of any type

Thank you!

Things to do it in project:


  • Project  description
  • Project   Charter
  • WBS (in Text Format)
  • WBS      Dictionary (1 work package only)
  • Activity list for each work package.  The activity list should include the Activity ID, Activity Name, Predecessors with dependencies, Duration. See screenshot for example.  
  • Activity Attributes (1 activity only)
  • Network  Diagram
  • Gantt Chart
  • Requirements (use the learnings form the PMGT 707 course)
  • Requirements  Traceability Matrix
  • Project Budget (Provide details how the budget was determined, re basis of estimates.  Do not use PERT estimating.)  See screenshot for example.
  • Terms and  Glossary
  • References  (APA)

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