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Movie/TV/Real Life Assignment: Paper 1 Turnitin® This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®. Instructions The three application papers are designed to give you the opportunity to analyze the use of psychological skills in a movie, TV show, or real life experience based on your knowledge of Sport and Exercise Psychology. For each section of the class (Enhancing Health and Well-Being, Enhancing Performance, and Enhancing Sport and Exercise Environments) you will choose one (1) of the topics covered in class and discuss how that skill is portrayed in a movie, TV show, or real life situation. For this paper you will choose a topic from Modules 1–4. Your papers must be written in the following format (all three papers will follow the same format). Any papers that do not follow this format WILL NOT be accepted and you will receive a 0 on the project. Paragraph 1: A very brief one-paragraph summary of the movie, TV show, or real life situation. For a movie or TV show, it should only be a few lines (no more than 10). Assume I have seen the movie or show so just remind me what it is about. For a real life situation you can give a little more detail but please be brief. The rest of your paper should address the topic that is covered in the movie, TV show, or situation. Identify the topic and then describe how it was shown in the movie, show, or situation. Be sure to compare what you saw in the movie, show, or situation to what was covered in class and the textbook. For example, if you choose confidence as a topic, discuss how confidence affected people in the movie, show, or situation and then discuss how that is similar or different from what we have learned in class about confidence. Show me that you understand the course material and can use that knowledge to analyze how the movie, show, or situation depicts it. For each paper you will choose one topic, you should be sure to address the following questions: · Explain the use of the topic in the movie, show, or situation (you do not have to address EVERY scene in which they show the mental skill but please make sure you are thorough). · Present a critique of both appropriate and inappropriate strategies shown or used as they relate to the topic. · Identify what you would do differently in working with the team, athlete, or individual portrayed in the movie, show, or situation. · Address implications for your own field. For example, how would you apply what you have learned from the movie, show, or situation (and class) to develop this same mental skill (e.g., goal setting) in your field? · Be sure to use appropriate references and include a reference page at the end of the paper.

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