Read Linda Nochlin’s article “Why Have There Been No Great Women

1- Read Linda Nochlin’s article “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists”.

2- Choose 2 articles among the 4 articles below (feel free to read all the articles, though!):

I. Lend Me a Pick Ax – The Slow Dismantling Of The Compositional Gender Divide (Lisa Hirsch)

II. Patriarchical Structures (Olga Neuwirth)

III. Two Women and an Opera House (Elisabeth Blair)

IV. Why the Male domination of classical music might be coming to an end (Jessica Dunchen)

3- Using your own words, summarize Nochlin’s article (2 points)

4- Write about your personal opinion regarding Nochlin’s article. Explain if you fully or partially agree or disagree with the points made by the author and explain why. (2 points)

5- Using your own words, summarize the other 2 articles (1 point)

6- Write about your personal opinion regarding each article (1 short paragraph per article). Explain if you fully or partially agree or disagree with the points made by the authors and explain why. (1 points)

7- Meditate on the following facts:

 Gender wage gap in the United States: in this country, female workers make approximately 80% for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 20%. []

Right to vote in elections: women were not allowed to vote in the United States until 1920.

8- Relate the gender wage gap with structural sexism. Elaborate on how ingrained sexism and the general gender inequality in our society affect female artists. Feel free to interconnect the 3 articles and other sources of information to support your argument. Remember to always quote your sources. (2 points)

9- Imagine that you’re a female musician whose life is dedicated to Contemporary Music. How would you navigate the issues related to sexism in your profession? Now, imagine that you’re a concert-goer or someone who supports the Arts in your community. Lucubrate alternatives to confront harmful sexism and improve your social environment. (2 points)

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