Read the following articles and discuss how HR should respond to the

2) Read the following articles and discuss what HR managers can do to renew the strategic alliance between Renault and Nissan after Carlos Ghosn, the ex-CEO, was arrested.

BBC (2019) Carlos Ghosn: Renault ‘preparing to replace’ jailed boss. BBC News (16th Jan 2019), Available:

Essential readings:

Carr, C. (2005) Are German, Japanese and Anglo‐Saxon strategic decision styles still divergent in the context of globalization? Journal of Management Studies, 42(6), 1155-1188.

Gill, C. (2015) The role of leadership in successful international mergers and acquisitions: Why Renault‐Nissan succeeded and DaimlerChrysler‐Mitsubishi failed. Human Resource Management, 51(3), 433-456.

De Roover, B. (2019) Designing durable alliances: Lessons from Renault-Nissan. INSTEAD Knowledge (7th Jan 2019), Available:

Schuler, R.S., Tarique, I., Jackson, S. E. (2015) Managing human resources in cross-border alliances. Advances in Mergers and Acquisitions. 103-129.Avaliable:


3) Read the following articles and discuss how HR should respond to the problems caused by pay differentials between expatriates and local staff.

Carr, S. C. and McWha-Hermann, I. (2016) Expat wages up to 900% higher than for local employees, research shows. The Guardian (20th Apr 2016). Available:

Essential readings:

Chen, C. C., Kraemer, J. and Gathii, J. (2011). Understanding Locals’ Compensation Fairness vis-à-vis Foreign Expatriates: The Role of Perceived Equity. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 22(17), 3582–3600.

Mahajan, A. (2011). Host country national’s reactions to expatriate pay policies: making a case for a cultural alignment pay model, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 22 (1), 121-137.

Toh, S. M. and Denisi, A. S. (2003). Host country national reactions to expatriate pay policies: a model and implications, Academy of Management Review, 28(4): 606-621.

Coursework requirements:

Work must be typed, contain an accurate word count and use Harvard system of referencing. A successful essay is one that uses both theory and evidence to answer the set question directly. This requires that you read widely, not just the suggested texts for the chosen essay topic. Please note the penalties for plagiarism outlined in your Student Handbook. Please keep a copy of all work submitted. You may not sit the exam without completing this work. Extensions are given in only exceptional circumstances, and work received late is subject to a range of penalties (see student handbook).

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