Reading Assignment One

Reading Assignments I.

General Explanation • As noted above, you must do two reading assignments (RAs) for a total of 15% of your course grade. The RA covers selected readings from Stanley Grenz and related E-Docs. • For each RA, you will answer questions on reading selections related to one theological question. In each you will choose one theological question from a list of four options, which are listed below. • The RA is due on the date given in the course schedule above. • The purpose of this assignment is to challenge you to understand and thoughtfully interact with important theological primary sources, that is, sources that are written by major theologians from various periods of church history (not summaries written by contemporary writers). I will grade your assignment depending on how well you follow the directions below and on the quality of the work done.

II. Directions (Please follow carefully!): 1. Choose one theological question out of the questions listed below for your RA. 2. Do all the readings related to your chosen question below. Also read outside literature as it may be helpful to you. 3. Your paper must take the following format:  Type the number of the RA, along with the question you chose for that RA (see 1 above).  Type out both the question and your answer. 4. After you have read the related material, write one or two pages expressing the various views about the general theological question that all the readings relate to, namely, the question that you chose and placed at the top of your paper. Then state what you think about it and why, interacting with the readings as you do. (For example, “I agree with what Augustine said about predestination in the reading selection, because . . .”) 5. The paper should normally be 3 to 5 pages long and should follow the regulations given for all papers above under the “course policies” (double-spaced, 12 pt font, etc.). 6. Submit the paper by attaching it online through the Assignment Portal. III. Theological Questions for Reading Assignment: For Reading Assignments Reading Assignment One Reading Assignment/Reading Response The doctrine of the Trinity is unique to the Christian faith. In many ways, Trinity is defined not so much by what we can say about it but by what cannot be said about it. It is the mystery that underpins all aspects of Christian theology and therefore substantially the most important doctrine of Christian faith and practice. Persuade me one way or the other regarding the veracity of this statement. Utilize Grenz chapters 1-4 as well as the podcast/text of Rev. Scott Daniels sermon “God in Three Persons: Blessed Trinity” linked below.

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