Realism view on Xi Jingping’s speech

 Description You are now familiar with two major theoretical perspectives in international relations: realism and liberalism. Realists and liberals can see the same event and have radically different interpretations of what it means. Please take another look at Chinese President Xi Jinping’s 2015 speech before the UN General Assembly. Realists such as Professor Mearsheimer (see video clip) would scoff at this speech and predict that China will continue to try to expand its influence both regionally and globally in the future. This could lead to a clash between the United States and China. Liberals would see this speech as another indicator of a changing global landscape and predict that China will help usher in an era of greater levels of cooperation between states (aided by strong international organizations like the UN). This could be for any number of reasons: commercial gains, changing ideologies within China, or President Xi’s own agenda. Please support one of these two arguments (the realist or liberal view). No fence sitting allowed for this paper! Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a China expert to write this paper. This isn’t a research project and you can make a strong argument using the materials from class (you are welcome to add other sources but it is not necessary). Demonstrate your understanding of the basic theories, apply them to a real life situation, and construct an argument. Spelling and grammar count too! Please be sure to include: a) which viewpoint you are supporting, b) robust discussions of both liberalism and realism (please carefully read the overview, show that you understand neorealism), c) a brief overview of what the other side would argue, and d) support for the position you are taking

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