Religious studies: Sholay Bollywood Movie Journal

For each question, students should compose a well-constructed paragraph or two in response. The length may vary, but for each film unit (each set of questions), the total should be approximately 1.5-2 single spaced pages (about 700-900 words). Formatting and Technical Requirements – Standard 1” margins around all sides; 12 point Times New Roman. – For each set of questions, 1.5-2 single spaced pages (about 700-900 words). – No cover page is required. At the top of the first page, give your name, the course title, instructor’s name, and the date. – Each set of questions should be introduced on a new page, with the name of the film (centered, in bold). Each question should be listed in full (in bold) followed by your response. Do not add additional spacing between the questions and your answer – add only one blank line-return is sufficient.

– Double Side printing is preferred when you submit the assignment. – Begin page numbers on page 2 at the bottom right hand side. I am giving out the questions below: 1. How does Jai embody aspects of a typical “hero” of the 1970s? 2. Describe the character of imam, and his role in the idealized village life of the film? 3. What form of justice is depicted in the film? Why might his have resonated with film audiences of the 1970s? 4. How do the songs function in the movie? These are the questions that are supposed to answered in each paragraph. Plus, I will have the document attached as wel, you must look at all the attached document. There will be two articles that you need to read, there will be on pdf of the readings of that movie from the textbook, there will be a rubric of how the prof will mark, there wil be a ppt of how the paragraphs should be and there will be a doc of the requirement of the assignment. You must only use the textbook citation as i will tell you in abit, and also the lecture notes. there should not be any other info from google that you are getting from. Even if you are, please dont copy the same words etc. but you could only cite the in class discussion that i will have all the notes written in one of the microsoft under each question. You could discuss in the paragraph as “as its disucssed in the class…..”, you can also use the powerpoint to cite your info in the paragraph but you will use the prof’s name to cite that, lastly, you will use the readings from the book and cite that with the authors name. the textbook reading for Sholay : Dwyer, Rachel. Filming the Gods: Religion and Indian Cinema. Routledge: 2006. Ganti, Tejaswini. Bollywood. 2nd ed. Routledge: 2013. (cite the info as ganti and page number) the powerpoint from prof: prof name: Meera Kachroo cite it with the name and the ppt slide number

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