Research Project “What evidence is there to support the use


Research Project

“What evidence is there to support the use of __________________ and what are some of the current limitations based on the research out there today?”
(modality to be selected by student from list below)

Instructions: use LIRN (FNU library) to find 3 scholarly articles pertaining to your selected modality in relation to physical therapy. Write a 5-page entry (3 pages does not include cover and citation pages) discussing the strength or weakness of the modality, while summarizing the important points of each article. Your paper should also include some of the current limitations each specific modality is facing based on the current research available.


Sources: 3 sources from a scholarly journal  

**Wikipedia does not count as a valid source

Citation: MUST be in APA style 

Structure: Cover page, introduction, body, conclusion, articles (include title pages only) 

Plagiarism: Research papers found to contain plagiarism will receive a zero on the assignment Please see the writing lab for assistance with proper citation of sources. 

Resources for proper citation: 


Examples of Modalities:
Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFR) 


Dry Needling 


Joint Mobilizations


Hiva Mat

Functional Electrical Stimulation 

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