Rhetorical Analysis Essay: A Famous Speech

Format: MLA style paper (12 point font, 1 inch margins, double spacing, page numbers) Basic Requirements:

You must complete your Library’s Research Tutorial before library class day on Tuesday, 22 Jan and before beginning your research. Find it at: https://subjectguides.library.american.edu/infolit 4-5 pages, use MLA Style paper (heading on upper left, double-spaced, page numbers – see Blackboard for sample format) 3 sources minimum. For this essay, you will only have to include page numbers from the speech itself or author’s last names in parentheses for library sources.

List your sources on the last page of your essay. Include at least one biographical source to document the speaker’s life, his or her work in the movement, and the presumed purpose of the speech Include at least two news items to establish the background and context for the problem the speech was responding to, such as civil rights, women’s issues, apartheid, and so on Comment on other features of the speech: intended audience, author’s tone, diction, use of stylistic devices (metaphors, repetition, and others), and rhetorical appeals Develop a clear thesis that represents your own thinking, which is your assessment of how well the speech works and why, using supporting ideas based on reasons and evidence Use paraphrasing, quoting, and summarizing to integrate library material and lines from the speech as examples into the text to make your points. Use moves described in They Say, I Say to create an effective flow of ideas

This assignment was adapted from The Rhetorical Analysis assignment by Jonah G. Willihnganz of Stanford University, https://web.stanford.edu/~jonahw/PWR1/RhetoricalAnalysis.html

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