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The purpose of this assignment is to practice the skill of “engaging stakeholders” using storytelling

Assignment Instructions:

  1.   Pick a scenario of your choice. This may or may not be health care specific.
    Please ensure it is a different topic than your COMM8140 class facilitation assignment last semester.
  2.   Using the “Storytelling Worksheet” on page 177 (Chapter 11 Tell a Story, Figure 11-1) in “Mastering Collaboration” by Gretchen Anderson, identify the four components (Inciting Incident, Struggle Moment, Climax, Resolution) in your scenario. Use the template for reference only. Do not write your story in the template. Write your story in paragraph format.    
  3. Each student will be responsible for compiling and s&bmitting group feedback (using the “Peer Feedback Form”) for one presentation to the applicable submission folder.

About the in-class, small group presentations:

  •  The presentations will take place in small groups (assigned by your Professor) in class, and there will be two roles in these groups:
  •  Role #1: Presenter: You will have 15 minutes to share your story. 10 minutes to present your story to your peers, and another 5 to receive feedback.
  •  Role #2: Feedback
  •  Each student will lead one feedback session.
  •  Ask questions to the group as provided on the feedback form.
  •  Compile feedback. Remember: this is about collaboration! You want every member to participate.       

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As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments and evaluating student performance, this assignment aims to practice the skill of “engaging stakeholders” through storytelling. The assignment instructions are as follows:

1. Choose a scenario of your choice, which may or may not be health care specific. Ensure that it is different from the topic used for the COMM8140 class facilitation assignment last semester.

2. Utilize the “Storytelling Worksheet” found on page 177 (Chapter 11 Tell a Story, Figure 11-1) in “Mastering Collaboration” by Gretchen Anderson. Use this worksheet to identify the four components of your chosen scenario: Inciting Incident, Struggle Moment, Climax, and Resolution. However, write your story in paragraph format rather than in the provided template.

3. Each student is responsible for compiling and submitting group feedback using the “Peer Feedback Form” for one presentation. This feedback should be submitted to the appropriate submission folder.

Regarding the in-class, small group presentations, the following details apply:

– The presentations will occur in small groups, assigned by the Professor, during class.
– Two roles will be assigned within these groups.
– The first role is the Presenter, who will have 15 minutes to share their story. This involves 10 minutes for presenting the story to peers and an additional 5 minutes for receiving feedback.
– The second role is Feedback, where each student will lead one feedback session.
– During the feedback session, ask questions to the group based on the provided feedback form.
– Compile the feedback, ensuring that every member of the group participates, as collaboration is essential.

By engaging in this assignment, students will enhance their storytelling skills and develop the ability to effectively engage stakeholders in various scenarios.

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