Semiotic Analysis: In your semiotic analysis make sure at minimum to

Select an episode of a television program or a film or other video material and do a semiotic analysis.

To give you a copy of a simple semiotic analysis by Authur Asa Berger that may help you in structuring the analysis (though you certainly do not have to rigidly follow his approach if you choose not to; there are a number of other organization approaches that can work equally well). You should draw on the text, particularly the chapters on semiotics and on narrative, and on Eco and Berger as well. In your semiotic analysis make sure at minimum to do paradigmatic and syntagmatic (macro and micro) analyses and explore oppositions and their functions in the narrative.

The first part of the analysis will include brief definitions of the semiotic concepts you are using in the analysis, specifically paradigm, syntagm (macro and micro) and opposition, plus any others you may use. while the length of the completed assignment will depend on your writing style and on the range and depth of your analysis, 6 pages at least. NO SOURCE NEEDED. WRITING YOUR OWN VOICE.

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