Step 1 Review the information involved in planning a speech.


Step 1 Review the information involved in planning a speech.

The main steps involved in preparing any type of speech include the following:

·       Choose the Right Topic

·       Narrow Your Topic

·       Locate Supporting Material

·       Structure Your Speech

·       Prepare an Outline

·       Practice

·       Deliver Your Speech

Step 2 Prepare an introduction speech.

In a one-page outline, see attached format, consider the following as you prepare your speech:

·       Brainstorm what your fellow classmates might find interesting about you for this introduction speech. Consider family history, stories about your childhood, significant life events, or your accomplishments.

·       Narrow your ideas down to a specific topic, theme, or anecdote. 

List the specific topic or title for your speech.

·       When locating supporting materials for your introduction speech, think about any visual aids that may support your delivery.

·       Remember to think about how you will open and close your introduction speech. Include those notes in your outline.

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