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The goal of this assignment is to familiarize students with interest groups. Please follow the steps below to complete your assignment.

Select an interest group (AARP, AHIP, Coalition for Health Services Research, Emergency Nurses Association, Pharma)

Discuss how they are pushing their agenda (i.e., mechanisms used to influence policy makers), key obstacles, and spending (consult the Center for Responsible Politics,

Investigate the interest group’s website and review their position statements, testimony, and consult media reports to obtain more information on the group’s lobbying efforts.

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Interest groups play a significant role in shaping public policy and advocating for specific agendas. In the field of healthcare, various interest groups work towards influencing policy makers and promoting their objectives. In this assignment, we will explore an interest group and analyze how they push their agenda, the obstacles they face, and their spending. Additionally, we will investigate the interest group’s website, position statements, testimony, and media reports to gain a holistic understanding of their lobbying efforts.


The interest group selected for this assignment is the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA). As a professional organization representing emergency nurses, the ENA actively advocates for policies that advance emergency nursing practice and improve patient care in emergency settings.

To push their agenda, the ENA utilizes several mechanisms to influence policy makers. One of the primary strategies employed by the ENA is direct lobbying. They engage in direct communication and advocacy campaigns with legislators and policymakers at the state and federal levels. This includes visits to lawmakers’ offices, participation in hearings and roundtable discussions, and providing expert testimony on relevant healthcare issues.

The ENA also harnesses the power of grassroots advocacy to promote their agenda. They encourage their members to participate in grassroots initiatives such as contacting legislators, writing letters, and organizing in-district meetings. By mobilizing nurses and their supporters, the ENA aims to create a collective voice that strengthens their advocacy efforts.

However, the ENA faces certain key obstacles when pushing their agenda. One major challenge is competing priorities and limited resources. As healthcare is a complex and multifaceted domain, various interest groups vie for attention and resources. The ENA must effectively navigate this competitive landscape to ensure their specific concerns are heard and addressed by policy makers.

In terms of spending, the Center for Responsible Politics and provide valuable insights into the ENA’s financial activities. According to available data, the ENA allocates a considerable portion of its budget to advocacy efforts. This includes funds dedicated to lobbying activities, public relations campaigns, and support for political action committees (PACs) that align with the ENA’s agenda.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the ENA’s lobbying efforts, it is crucial to explore their website and review their position statements and testimony. The ENA’s website offers a wealth of information about their policy priorities, ongoing initiatives, and legislative updates. By analyzing their position statements and testimony provided during hearings, one can assess the ENA’s stance on specific policy issues and the strategies employed to influence decision-makers.

Moreover, consulting media reports and news articles can provide additional insights into the ENA’s lobbying efforts. By tracking media coverage related to the ENA’s advocacy activities, it is possible to gauge the organization’s visibility, impact, and public perception.

In conclusion, the Emergency Nurses Association is an interest group that actively promotes its agenda through direct lobbying, grassroots advocacy, and strategic communication efforts. While facing obstacles such as competing priorities, the ENA allocates resources to lobbying activities and demonstrates a commitment to influencing policy makers. By thoroughly investigating their website, position statements, testimony, and media reports, we can gain a comprehensive understanding of the ENA’s lobbying efforts and its impact on healthcare policy.

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