Taking any two or three key challenges from the wider field of

The reflective summary should answer the following questions which are equally weighted; a) What have I learned about the challenges of financial management from the activities participated in during this module and elsewhere on the programme? b) Taking any two or three key challenges from the wider field of financial management, what theoretical and practical approaches would be recommended to respond to each challenge? 

Week 1 • What are your expectations of yourself whilst taking this module? • What challenges do you think you will have to overcome? • How would you envisage your tutors role in facilitating your learning? • How different you think this module will be from all the other modules you have studied so far?

Week 2 • How clear is your research question? How could you improve it? • How do you see the role of Lego Serious Play in shaping of your research question? • What research approaches do you intend to use? Why those? Will they be “enough” to provide sufficient evidence for your project? • How would you describe your approach to facing and solving problems? Are you a person who dives into the deep water and sees if they can swim? Or do you prefer to just dip in briefly and see how things develop? Or are you a person that stands on the bank and needs to be pushed in? (There is no right or wrong answer here.) What does it tell you about your style of learning?

Week 3 • Please reflect on your understanding of iteration before and after the session today? • Do you think you were able to offer valuable input to your peers as feedback in the iteration process? • Based on the feedback received during iteration, how do you think it helped your research question and/or the research methods ? • Did you feel you received valuable input from the peers in your iteration? • Did you experience any challenges? Give examples. • Based on your understanding now, do you think you will prepare differently for the next iteration? If so, how/why? Week 4 • Did you submit a formative submission? If yes, how do you think your work has progressed in the last few weeks? If not, what were the challenges you faced in not submitting a formative submission? What do you think could have been achieved by submitting a formative piece of work? • Did you engage with the support of your tutor in class this week as well as your workshop groups? What questions/comments were raised from those discussions on your table which you need to think about improving on?

Week 5 • After receiving written and verbal feedback on your formative, what do you think were the strengths and weaknesses of your submitted work? • How are you planning to expand formative (300 words) into summative (2500 words)? What do you think are the key areas of focus that you need to work on for the summative assessment? For example, by looking at the assessment 1 requirements on blackboard, what else is missing/you need to improve on? • How are you planning to make sure to respond to formative feedback in your summative work? Week 6 • Using the self-assessment document, what are the gaps that you would like to focus on at this stage? How confident do you feel about the progress of your work? • Did you find self-assessment document helpful? Why or why not discuss specifics? • Identify key learnings from workshop session in this week (Week 6) and reflect on these here.

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