The individual ethics paper will involve an analysis of a given case –

The individual ethics paper will involve an analysis of a given case – (Sex Discrimination on Walmart). It aims to demonstrate students’ critical thinking, ability to consider diverse stakeholder perspectives, competence in identifying and applying ethical concepts and decision-making models, and ability to recommend alternatives for action and judgment considering responsible, ethical and legal considerations. The paper should include the following components:

a)clear description/summary of the ethical issue/dilemma; b) analysis of the situation from multiple perspectives, and incorporating relevant ethical and legal concepts, frameworks and codes of conduct; c) identification of various alternatives for action or judgment, including a short assessment of the pros/cons of each alternative based on possible consequences and relevant information; d) clear presentation of final recommendation, not just based on personal opinion orvalues but also substantiated by facts, evidence, ethical codes, theory and research. Students are encouraged to do some additional research and cite at least 3 academic references, in addition to the text. In addition to the above components, papers will be assessed based on the insightfulness of the analysis and the clarity with which you express your thoughts. Papers must include in-text citations and a reference section using APA style (6th edition).

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