Thinking about Your Thinking: Documenting Your Development as an AOD

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Question #1:  Thinking about Your Thinking:  Documenting Your Development as an AOD Practitioner


Assume you are at a job interview for an organizational development and training position at a large pharmaceutical company in the Philadelphia area.  One of the interviewers says the following to you:

    I think that the real value of a graduate program is that it can make permanent, valuable

    changes in your thinking.  The program provides you with a more sophisticated way of

    thinking about  the subject matter.  If, for example, you complete a graduate program in

    architecture,  you  never see buildings the same way.  Your study leaves an enduring mental

    impression that shapes your perceptions and your instinctual responses.   It is clear that your

    AOD graduate  program focused on several key areas:

              Adult learning and professional development/training

             Organizational/systems dynamics & organizational development

             Conflict dynamics and conflict management

             Team dynamics, team performance, & team development

             Organizational leadership & strategic decision-making

    Can you briefly tell us how you thought about these topics before you entered the AOD

     program and how you think about them differently now?  How would you describe specific

    ways that your thinking has changed  — and been enhanced —  about these program areas

    through your AOD experience?”


In answering your interviewer, please discuss the first three themes and choose either Team  Dynamics or Organizational Leadership as your fourth theme. In your discussion, please link the points you make to specific concepts or insights from the courses you attended  (readings,  lectures, projects, etc.)   

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