This is a lab report not a regular paper. I

This is a lab report not a regular paper. I just need this to be paraphrased to show under 10% on Thanks.

The purpose of this lab is about how to properly configure a pfsense firewall for a server,

how to implement Network Address Translation (NAT), creating a Common Address

Redundancy Protocol (CARP), and creating a Virtual IP and implementing firewall rules. The

purpose of a firewall to protect your internal network from any malicious threats that are out

there on internet.

There are a multitude of settings on a pfsense firewall, part of this lab was to create the

Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP) Virtual IP and attach that public address to the

Wide Area Network (WAN). In order for these effects to take place you have to manually apply

the changes on the top tight side tab. After this step you have to use the Network Address

Translation (NAT) feature on the firewall in order to be able to attach that internal IP to the

Outside IP.

The second part of this lab was to create a rule that allows traffic to pass from the public

network to the private network. You have to create several rules in order to make this work, the

internal network is not usually routable but by using NAT you are afforded that ability. The rules

set in place permits certain traffic that you specified to be able to access the public but not vice


Ultimately using any firewall will make any environment more secured. This will also

involve making sure you are using the firewall as a security device. Just because you have a

firewall doesn’t mean you are protected. You have to make sure you do your due diligence and

configure the firewall to your specific environment needs.

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