this is due in 3 hours Watch the video: Watch

this is due in 3 hours   

Watch the video:  Watch Killer Legends (2014) – Free Movies | Tubi ( 

Answer the following questions thoroughly.  No word count just no short answers 

 1. What is the author’s point in the “Candyman” segment of Killer Legends? 

 2. How do the authors support their points? What is an example of the evidence they use? 

 3. What were some conclusions or inferences you made while watching? Were they correct or incorrect?

For example, I infered that more children would find harmful objects in their candy, I was incorrect.


Use the attachment to answer these 2 questions: 3 sentences for each answer 

 Identify 2-3 main points presented in The history and psychology of clowns being scary

 How did the author use the sources or evidence to prove her point?


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