Threat of blizzard to large metropolitan area in SE US.

Your paper must be at least seven (7) pages in length (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 font), not including cover page, references, appendix, tables, etc. The format of the paper must include an Abstract or Introduction, which states the purpose of the paper; sub-headers for each topic as prescribed in the Guidelines and Grading Scale section of the Course Syllabus, which will also serve as the evidence to be graded, and a Conclusion, which summarizes your research findings, and includes comments of your personal perspective about the topic. Be sure to properly cite all references using APA (6th edition) guidelines, and never use Wikipedia, which is unacceptable. Again, please be sure to refer to the details provided within the Course Syllabus regarding content expectations and the grading scheme for the paper. You will have several topics to choose from for this assignment. Follow the instructions carefully to get a good grade. ***My Topic is Provided above which is located in the topic section . The textbook is :

Introduction to Emergency Management (Lindell, Prater & Perry, 2007)

Point Paper #1 Guidelines & Grading Scale > 100/100 First, conduct thorough research for the topic, and be sure to use/cite a minimum of five (5) reference sources > APA 6th edition format. (10/10) Second, consider the hazard in relation to the setting and the probability of same based on history, as described in the Lindell, et al. (2007) textbook (Chapter 5): sub-header > History of Hazard. (20/20) Third, apply the principles and planning considerations gleaned from the textbook readings as described in the readings of the Lindell, et al. (2007) textbook (Chapters 3, 9-11): sub-header > Principles and Planning. (20/20) Fourth, outline a community planning and preparedness program that would enable you to develop a functional community planning and preparedness program. Be certain to consider all stakeholders in your proposal as mentioned in the Lindell, et al. (2007) textbook (Chapters 2, 4, 6): sub-header > Community Planning and Preparedness. (20/20) Fifth, and final guideline, is to provide as an Appendix to your Point Paper. Attach a sample business letter. The letter should show all addressees that would make up the committee or commission you hope to assemble to help you establish a functional plan. The letter should make all invitees aware of the problem and convincingly encourage their participation. (15/15)

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