TITLE Article Summary Introduction This is an article review. The


 Article Summary


This is an article review.

The Assignment

Read the article The Power of Planning and Preparation. (above) Answer the following questions. Please be sure to read the statement on plagarism.

1. Choose 3 of the 6 ways proper preparation and planning will pay off. Discuss why each way is important and how you will achieve it. Each answer should be at least (7-10 sentences) and both parts of the question must be answered. 20 points each = 60 points

2. How will you make time to plan? List and discuss two ways you will make time to plan. Each description should be one paragraph (7-10 sentences. 10 points each= 20 points

3. Spelling and Grammar- 20 points

Grading Criteria

Choose one habit and explain why you think it is the most important.(7-10 sentences) 25 points

How will you set standards in your classroom when it comes to: Behavior and Completing Assignments. Explain your standards for each in ( 2 paragraphs 7-10 sentences each) 25 points for Behavior and 25 points for Completing Assignments

Spelling and Grammar (25 points)


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