To complete this assignment, each group must adhere to the

 To complete this assignment, each group must adhere to the following procedures and steps:You need to think about:

  • the research process
  • the benefit of this research process to you, your corporation, your institution, or your future job. 
  • How this process of research will help you position yourself in any future setting, and make you a shining star. Think of a positive worldview.
  1. This is a group project. 
  2. Discuss among yourselves: The project, the status, and the need to execute the project.
  3. Discuss among yourselves: The benefit of the project.

First Step:     In a few words, two pages long, submit your Practica Connection Assignment with supporting sources, in-text citation, and references list.  

            4.1.- Why did you (“your group”) select the topic for your research project (50-words). (Cite two references from Peered-Reviewed Journals)4.2.- What are the major contributions of this project “To your organization” (70-words). (Cite two references from Peered-Reviewed Journals)4.3.- Can you use this process of research in a corporate setting (50-words)?4.4.- How can you use the Annotated Bibliography to further understand the benefits of your research. (50-words).4.5.- State the summary of your finding (75-words).4.6.- Indicate the need for future research (50-words) (Cite two references from Peered-Reviewed Journals)4.7.- State your conclusion (75-Words). (Cite two references from Peered-Reviewed Journals)NOTE: The PCA must include: 1.- Title Page, 2.- Tabel of Content, 3.- Abstract, 4.- Major Section of the Paper, 5.- List of References, 6.- Certificate of Authorship, and 7.- Short-bio. 

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