Vigenette Your Family Service Agency received a call from CPS



Your Family Service Agency received a call from CPS concerning the wellbeing of a 4 year old child named John. The CPS Childcare Center teaching staff has made routine attempts to contact the parents-Jenna and Will Zielinksi- including notes home and phone calls, thus far with no success. The concerns are regarding John arriving late, appearing unfed/inadequately dressed, frequently ill, and demonstrating limited language development. CPS is aware that a year ago, their 2 year old son, Robert had died in an accidental drowning.

CPS has requested a Social Worker visit the home to assess John and family needs, including what safety issues/services the agency can offer from a support perspective. 

You arrived at the home and began engaging with the client, Jenna Zielinksi, and now you are transitioning to assessing the situation. Will Zielinski is unemployed, and Jenna is the only one working on a minimum wage income. The Zielinskis are eligible for social welfare benefits. You will be touring the home once you have completed this conversation so your focus in this 15 minute conversation is to assess risk and safety and to determine how to support the family, specifically their son, John.

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