You are to identify a problem at the company or


You are to identify a problem at the company or organization where you work, have worked, or with which you are familiar. In this assignment, you will identify the problem, provide evidence that there is a problem, and ask for authorization to research it. Your ultimate goal for the Business Memo is to analyze the causes for the problem and offer solutions. However, the purpose of this memo is to seek permission to research the problem. Your proposal should

• be addressed to a specific person who can approve it

• identify the problem and give evidence of its existence

• explain why solving the problem is important for the organization

• provide a research plan and methodology

• identify the resources and budget you will need

The memo should be double spaced, in 12-point font and block paragraphs.  Use bullets and section titles for high skim value. Note: a memo is not a letter. Be concise: the length should be no more than two pages. A one- to two-sentence description of the problem you want to address 

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