You have received a voicemail from James Cooper of Park

You have received a voicemail from James Cooper of Park Heights High School. 

Hi, this is James Cooper from Park Heights High School. I am interested in hiring Consulting Corporation to develop a selection process for our teaching positions. We are a charter school with approximately 300 students. We are expecting more than 100 applicants for the teaching positions and will check to make sure they have valid teaching licenses issued by the state. We are looking for stellar teachers. Therefore, we would like you conduct a fair selection process that will not have an adverse impact on any race or gender group. I hope that you can help us, and I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

You are a human resources consultant asked to design a selection process for a high school teacher position. There can be several components used to construct a selection process, such as multiple-choice job knowledge tests, work samples, personality tests, and portfolios. Organizations use selection processes to maximize validity, minimize adverse impact, and enhance the efficiency of the hiring process (Russell & Peterson, 2007). As the human resources consultant, you must ensure that you meet those needs because they are the basis for meeting professional and legal requirements. As you recommend assessment procedures, you should develop a test plan in which you describe the sequence flow of the selection process.

Post  a brief explanation of how you might sequence the flow of the selection process for the problem presented in the media. Then, explain what additional information may be needed from the client for you to make an optimal recommendation for a fair selection process.

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