Your assignment will be to first to identify and conduct


Your assignment will be to first to identify and conduct investigation using (Google, news report, government report, and any other valid source) into a data breach incident of an organization in the past several years. *** NO CASE That was reviewed during class will be accepted! Ensure you select new case, not one covered in class. Assignment done on cases covered in class will get immediate zero***
Then, develop a written paper that will provide the following sections:

  • Data Breach Overview: Provide an overview of the data breach incident you selected, the organization that it occurred in, and indicate if any prior data incidents occurred in that organization previously (Use references to support your claims).
  • Cybersecurity Failures: Analyze the cybersecurity failures and identify the specific dimension(s) of cybersecurity and their related principles (Hint: McCumber Cube and it’s dimensions + relevant principles on each dimension!) that have been violated during the identified data breach incident (Use references to support your claims).
  • Cyber Risk Management: From recent industry and/or government reports (i.e. less than three years old) and in your own words (no quotes, but use references to support your claims) identify the cyber risk management factors (Likelihood – also known as ‘rate of occurrence’ + estimated impact) associated with the specific cyber incident that occurred for the organization you’re investigating. (Use references to support your claims). Include a simple table to highlight the cyber threat, risk description, likelihood, impact, and actions proposed to mitigate that cyber threat in the future.
  • Business Continuity Plan: In your own words (no quotes, but use references to support your claims) describe appropriate measures that the organizations should take to mitigate the risk of another data breach incident in the future.
  • Conclusion: In your own words (no quotes!!!), provide a conclusion that summarizes the whole paper.

In particular, you will need to develop a 5- to 7-page document (not more!) that outlines each of the section above and provides the details to address the points above.

 All text in the proposal should be word-processed (letter or correspondence-quality font), New Times Roman or Calibri, 12 point, double space and standard margins. The body of the proposal should be 5- to 7-pages long (not including title page, Table of Contents, Reference List, & Certificate of Authorship). 


The report should also be done professionally and should include:

  • Table of Contents (with sections & page numbers identified – Ensure the context text starts on page 1, frontmatter shouldn’t be counted in page numbers)
  • Page numbers on all pages
  • Clear and consistent headings of all sections
  • No running heads
  • Reference List following APA (At least seven different references)

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