Change recent change in Technology field

 Description Apply what you have learned about formal language and academic writing to write your own 2- 2 ½ pages draft of an essay that analyzes a relevant change in your field of study. Your paper must analyze either what caused this relevant change or analyze what effect this change has had. It will also create a research plan for further revision, research, and development. Includes 4–5 fully developed paragraphs Focuses on one specific, relevant change that has already occurred Analyzes either cause or effect and does not take a position or make a recommendation Develops the main point through your own thoughts and observations, not through research Includes an additional research plan Applies APA 6th Edition format Avoids the use of outside sources at this point. However, if you use any source in any way in this draft, you must cite the source both in a references page and in text, whether you are quoting or paraphrasing

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