Determining a Project’s Critical Path

 The WBS is one tool that is used in most projects. In this activity, you will determine the critical path for your course project by selecting one of three offered approaches: critical path critical chain network diagram Using that assignment create a critical path for your project. You may create a critical path, utilize a critical chain, or complete a project network, as each of these items provide a complimenting view of the project in process. You are not required to create a Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) chart, but include the steps you would take if you were to create a PERT chart. What information would you need in addition to the data used to construct the critical path? What issues are evident in your critical path? What steps can you take to avoid failure along your critical path? What additional information would a PERT chart provide as you make decisions about your project? Create your critical path or critical chain or project network as a Word document. You may use the shapes in Word, construct the image in Microsoft Visio and insert it into Word, or create it in Microsoft Project and insert it in Word. The important thing is that the submission is part of a Word document so your instructor can open and grade the work. Properly label all aspects of your critical path and label the paper with your name and assignment particulars. Within the Word document, answer the questions above with enough specifics and details to relay your understanding. Your paper should be between 3–5 pages depending on the size of your chart. Write a 2–5 page paper with the required chart(s) in Word format. You may use Microsoft Visio or another tool to create the chart, but it must be pasted or embedded in a Word document for submission. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style (6th edition) for writing your assignment.

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