This year’s Super Bowl advertising

 Overview: The Super Bowl is a big PR, advertising, marketing, cultural phenomenon. Everyone is talking about the ads, etc. Write a paper about one topic, within the “creative industries, as it relates to this year’s Super Bowl. You can write about anything as long as it is related (no sports). Specifics: Sources: You will need to provide at least three sources discussing your chosen topic. These sources must be listed at the end of the paper with active links. Additional and better sources, i.e. complete, lengthy, credible, will help your grade. These sources cannot be older than two weeks from the due date of 2/7/19Content of paper: Your paper should include: 1. A discussion of the topic using the three sources. Please make sure you cite any quotes or direct lifts in the paper. We will run it through the plagiarism check. While you can use quotes, please make sure these are from the original source NOT a secondary source. Beyond explaining the topic/idea, tell us the background, who is responsible for it and why it is newsworthy. 2. Tell us more about the company who the idea is attached to. What else have they created? What are they known for in their industry. This section will, most likely, require you to provide additional research sources. These do not need to be within the two-week period. 3. Why you like the idea, think it is meaningful, etc. 4. Why others like the idea? What do the media, critics, etc., think? 5. Wrap it up in some way. Details: The paper should be 750 words well written, free of typos, etc

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